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Janie Rodriguez


Juanita Lugo Rodriguez (aka) “Janie” was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She received her H.S. diploma from Somerset High School in 1988. After many years of seeing the dire need for a quality education in her community, she purposed in her heart to provide a quality education to the children of her community. It is Janie’s goal to provide her community and city with a quality, well-rounded education that would empower generations to come.

Janie’s passion for teaching was greatly influenced by her father who taught children of all ages with a sincere passion and creativity. That encouraged her to pursue a degree in education, which she will use to make a positive difference in her community and throughout the entire city of San Antonio. Janie is married to her husband of 20 years and has two adult children and four grandchildren.


Janie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Certificate in Latina Women Leadership from the Baptist University of the America’s, and an Associates of Arts in Teaching from Palo Alto College. She is currently enrolled in Texas A&M where she will continue her education in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Education.